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Orthodontics For Teens

Braces, Invisalign® & More

There are more options for teens and today than ever, each designed to fit the individual teeth – and the individual personality of the person using them. The technologically-advanced options we use make treatment more appealing.

     Teens can choose:

        • Metal Braces
        • Clear Braces
        • Invisalign®

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Every teen wants to know how long they will be in treatment and the answer depends on several variables. First – what needs to be accomplished. Some teens are fortunate to have teeth and bites that aren’t too bad and, for them, treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months. But, for most, treatment time takes 16 to 20 months. That brings us to the second key variable – YOU! If you wear your aligners, elastics, and other appliances just as your Orthodontist instructs you to, you’ll cross the finish line much faster!